Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 was a tough year for so many people. it was definitely a struggle in many ways. but there were so wonderful things to come out of 2009...

  • my husband and I were both able to keep our jobs
  • we took a magical trip to spain, france & italy
  • I got bangs
  • we poured a driveway & actually got it approved (after the fact) by our ridiculous historic committee.
  • ram came to town
  • I took lots of great trips with my husband & family to the quaint city of savannah
  • my sweet husband & I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary
  • lots of great shows came to our city (ryan adams, elvis perkins, john vanderslice, wilco, the decemberists)
  • my husband bought me an amazing digital camera; I bought him a plastic camera...
  • my sister and I took a summer trip to nyc
  • I began a new position at work, working with a boss who appreciates me
  • my oldest friend got married and just found out she's having a baby
  • I got to fly to dallas to hang with my husband while he was working
  • I started my globe collection
  • I discovered a new sauce at chick-fil-a that is almost as good as polynesian
  • my sister got a promotion & moved to the big city of atlanta

and most importantly, everyone stayed healthy.

cheers to 2010. I know it will bring so many good things!

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