Wednesday, May 12, 2010

mrs. doubtfire party

my sister turned 25 years old a few weeks ago, which is reason enough for a special celebration. her favorite movie of all time just happens to be mrs. doubtfire, so I figured that would be the perfect theme for our dinner party. but be forewarned: my family & I are huge dorks (if you haven't noticed already). we dressed the part, ate the part, talked the part & of course sang along to the movie soundtrack that robert made. euphegenia doubtfire would have been awfully proud, dear.

{the invitation}
designed to look like the movie poster. 

{the guests}
dad dressed as mr. lundy, complete with a glass of scotch & a  fake beard. kara went as euphegenia doubtfire. and mom as miranda, with her design portfolio in hand.

{the decor}
lots of tea cups, framed pictures of the hillard family, balloons on the ceiling (like at chris' birthday party), & lemons & limes for the "run-by fruiting".

{the props}
I had movie props hidden all over the house. whoever could spot the prop & quote the corresponding movie line won a prize. humor me- do you know any of these movie lines?
{the food}
robert & I made the exact same meal from the movie that mrs. doubtifre serves her first night on the job: raspberry salad, shrimp on colored linguine with orange sauce & baby carrots (I have no idea HOW this goes together, but it does in the movie, so that's how we did it) . I also made the soccer cake from the movie, in a pink box, of course.

{the gifts}
mom gave kara 25 gifts for 25 years. she had been collecting all kinds of little vintage things for kara: pins, gloves, rings, pocketbooks, a hand mirror. you name it, she now has it in her collection.


  1. I think it's so great that her favorite movie is Mrs Doubtfire. That's kind of random. I love your themed party.

  2. this is so cute!!!!! My brother, cousin and I are obsessed with this movie!! I see one of these parties on our near future!! How did u make the soccer ball on the cake though?!

  3. that's awesome, gina. good to know we aren't the only crazies out there ;) for the cake, I just made a sheet cake & then baked the "ball" part in a pyrex bowl. I printed out the pentagon shape & used it to trace the icing onto the "ball". let me know how your party turns out!

  4. What recipe did you use for the linguine sauce? I've always wanted to recreate this recipe!

  5. Hi! This is so amazing I am doing the same for my fiances grooms cake! I cannot find a single pink cake box anywhere though (they are all sold in bulk for bakeries) Do you know where you got yours?!

    Thank you!!!



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