Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my new friend

I just received the best gift ever... a sewing machine! given to me by a mother who solely glue-gunned our dance costumes for 15-straight years. yup, I am determined to learn how to sew. even after failing my joanns beginner sewing class (maybe I shouldn't mention that they were forced to offer an extra class for the "special people" who couldn't finish their project in the allotted month).

well take this, joanns! I made this bunting all by myself. ok so it's probably the easiest thing ever to sew. but  for me, it was a great start. I love my new machine! thanks, marmie! 


  1. Ooh, I'm also a novice sewer, so I feel your pain. Bunting is a great beginning project idea!

  2. very cute! Now I really want to try and make this for my baby's 4th of July birthday. I'm so with your mom though-I hot glue everything! lol

  3. What an adorable bunting! Sadly, my sewing instructor was also my Mama, so my skills never advanced quite as far as either of us would have liked because she was always "showing me how"!



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