Monday, October 17, 2011

king's highway diner + lounge

as if the ace hotel photos I posted didn't make that place look hip enough, they also have this restaurant on the property that is  just as awesome. the owners restored an old denny's restaurant & turned it into a super-hip diner, serving the most delicious food, most of which is organic & locally grown. one of the best parts is linda, "the singing hostess", who slienced everyone in the restaurant so that she could sing to us (and apparently she also hosts bingo on monday nights!). pretty rad.  

 {our great hosts for the week, eric + megan}
 {these ricotta pancakes were heavenly. I fully intend to make them at home}
 {and breakfast chilaquiles}


  1. oh my I am officially hungry! ha

    I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say hi! Come visit Color new blog all about COLOR! :-) go figure?! ha


  2. I am DYING to stay at the Ace. Can that place get any cooler? I think not. I almost wonder if I am not hip enough to go there.

    P.S. Please make those ricotta pancakes and then post the recipe :)



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