Monday, September 10, 2012

pie pops

why is it that everything is better in miniature form? mini golf, puppies, bite-sized cupcakes, european cappuccinos, horses (any rob & big fans out there?) and pies. a whole pie just never looks that appealing to me, but make them mini & put them on a stick & I can't stop eating. I had some blueberries left in the freeze from our summer picking, so I used them to make a sweet filling for the pops. 

although it will feel like summer for another 3 months here in florida, these pie pops make me wish for fall weather. here are bakerella's instructions if the cooler weather inspires you to make some for yourself. 


  1. Your Pie Pops look adorable & delicious! What a great party food.

  2. They are lovely! Nice work. I wish I could eat one right now!

  3. So cute! I'm a bit lazy about making delicate things so I'm very impressed with these



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