Friday, November 30, 2012


well, thanksgiving dinner at that tapas restaurant I mentioned didn't quite work out as planned. turns out the restaurant that took our reservations ended up being closed on thanksgiving (totally reminded me of that seinfeld episode- clip below). so where does one go when almost every restaurant in the city is closed? why cracker barrel, of course (well, it was either that or piccadilly). there is nothing more my dad appreciates than a good deal. we got turkey, ham, 3 sides, a drink & a piece of pumpkin pie for $8.99. it was actually delicious & we ended up having the best time. we pretty much giggled our way through the entire meal ("I can't believe we are those people who are eating thanksgiving dinner at cracker barrel!"). god bless that place. 

 {kara & robert, waiting on a table}
 {you better believe my martha-stewart-mother would never fail provide cute place cards on a holiday}
 {a little pre-meal game}
{thanks to our amazing friends the xides for letting us crash at their place & finish their puzzle}

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  1. Such a perfect & fun time! Thanks for snapping pics of our new Thanksgiving!



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