Sunday, February 24, 2013

vintage finds: arch floor lamp

and this, my friends, is why you take your graphic-designer-artist husband estate sale shopping with you. we hit up this sale late in the day on saturday (we really went because it was in a house located on our very favorite street in all of the city), so the expectations of finding something were rather low. I headed straight for the kitchen as robert made his way to the living area, and bam! this vintage arch floor lamp screamed his name. ironically, we had been looking for floor lamp just like this, but they all seemed to fall way out of our price range. but with a little negotiating, we walked out with this beauty minus $60! talk about a score. here are some before + after pics below. 

{it was just waiting to come home with us}
{pre-clean up}
{the pole was really rusted & dingy}
{with a little #0000 steel wool & some wd40, it shined up like new}

{here's the base before. we cleaned that up as well, although it could still use a good coast of paint at some point}
{perfect fit in our home}
{before + after}


  1. It adds a lot to the room nice work friends. The before and after is so great!

  2. That is awesome! What a deal! I absolutely love it.

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