Wednesday, March 20, 2013


the first day of spring seems like a perfect time to announce some big changes on the horizon. we sold our much-loved 1935 bungalow. robert bought this house 14 years ago. when we got married 6 years ago & I moved in, it was a bit of a bachelor pad. action figures on the mantel, a pool table in lieu of a dining room table, plastic mini blinds. you know. guy stuff. but we slowly saved our pennies & started updating it bit by bit to make it feel more like our home. we painted, bought some new furniture (no, plywood over the pool table would not suffice as a dining room table), updated the bathroom, added a deck & landscaped the backyard, totally renovated the kitchen, & turned this house into a home that we absolutely love.

we never thought we would want to sell it, especially after all of the blood, swear & tears we put into it. but robert has always had a weakness for mid-century homes, and a really cool one pretty much fell into our laps (more on that later). we planned to buy it & renovate it for a few months while our house sat on the market. but much to our surprise, the day we listed our house, we had a record-breaking number of showings along with 3 offers by the end of the day. we are grateful in how quickly it sold, but also trying to grasp the fact that we have to be out of here & into our new house in a matter of weeks. 

things are about to get crazy. but I did want to take the time to post some photos of our "finished" first home. while we are definitely excited about all that's to come, our first house will always be so very special to us. there is so much love in this home, I hope the next owner will feel it too. 


  1. Wow! SO exciting, congrats.

  2. Congratulations–what an exciting change! But certainly that gorgeous home will be missed–it's wonderful!

  3. Congrats on the sell I knew it would go fast it's a gem but i'll miss it. I've see you make all those changes and I just love it but I can't wait to see the new treasure and what you all do with it. Let's catch up soon! xoxo



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