Monday, October 4, 2010

a beach brunch wedding

my good high-school friend josh got married this past weekend. josh & I have been really good friends since ninth grade. our birthdays are just days apart, so we always shared joint parties because we had all the same friends. he married a sweet girl named cassy, who by total coincidence, I knew in college.they had a very sweet brunch wedding at the beach on saturday. there were lots of cute little details that cassy put together herself. robert & I took a few pictures & thought I'd share.

congratulations josh & cassy! 

{starting the morning off with a bloody mary}

{many different cakes. I probably shouldn't mention they were vegan & didn't taste so great. but they sure were cute!}

{a "just married" banner on the bride & groom table}

{don't you love it when the bride seats you with people you adore, like my dear friend heather?}

{I noticed the flower girl running around barefoot & then saw her sweet little shoes on the table.}

{mr. & mrs. joshua butler}

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  1. How sweet-I love the idea of a brunch wedding. Keep it simple, and then you get to enjoy the rest of the day with your new hubby!

    Terrible shame about the vegan cakes though. They are so rarely as delicious as cakes should be.



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