Thursday, October 21, 2010

the high line

while visiting nyc, I got to meet my good friend dani for a picnic-lunch at the high line (she works right below the park in chelsea market). the high line was originally built in 1934 as part of an elevated rail system. when the interstate developed in the 60s, the rail eventually became obsolete. it lay unused for decades, until recently.

the city recycled it into a mile & a half long urban park. it's extremely peaceful in the midst of a noisy, bustling city. I had such a nice time walking the park & enjoying the greenery. just another reason why nyc is such a cool city.

{such cool landscaping}

{we sat on these steps & had lunch}

{how brilliant- they salvaged the old tracks & made rolling benches to lay on}

{what a beautiful juxtaposition}

{original stained-glass windows}

{public art, "the viewing station"}


  1. High Line has been my single favorite New York addition in the last few years-such a peaceful spot in a busy city!

  2. i was there in july and visited! it's so great.



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