Saturday, November 6, 2010

farmers market

a few weekends ago we visited the dekalb farmers market in georgia. this place is absolutely fantastic. we left with some rosemary focaccia, fresh chocolate chip cookies, gnocchi, pumpkins & several different kinds of beer & wine. I wish we had a place like this close to home. I think I'd be a much better cook if I was constantly inspired by all this beautiful food.

{lots o' pumpkins}

{fresh brussel sprouts}

{the brightest purple eggplant I have ever seen}

{extra credit if you know what this fruit is. hint: it's found in asia & is extremely smelly!}


  1. your day at the farmer's market sounds like heaven!

  2. Brussel sprouts have never looked so good!

  3. I can practically smell that durian through my computer screen :)

    Every time we go to Thailand Kiwi makes me try some... Maybe he thinks it's an acquired taste!



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