Monday, December 20, 2010

snowflake sugar cookies

I made & decorated some sugar cookies for a work party last week & they got such great reviews, I thought I'd share. I recommend making the cookie dough a few days in advance, only because it will make the whole process feel like a lot less work! I use this recipe for the dough and this recipe for the royal icing. 

{snowflake cookie cutter found at michaels, which robert said looked like phallic symbols. I must agree}

{roll out dough & cut cookies. work fast, the dough must be cold}

{using an offset spatula, spread royal icing on the cooled cookies. you can also outline them first with icing in a bottle & then fill, if you are patient enough- obviously, I wasn't}

{decorate with sprinkles and nonpareils}


  1. i love making cookies even though they are so time consuming... have a nice one!

  2. The recipes sound divine, and I'm impressed with your phenomenal icing skills! Gorgeous!



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