Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the tree

unfortunately, robert's vw bus isn't working at the moment, so we couldn't use it to pick up our tree this year (I hate breaking tradition). but that didn't stop us from picking out a big, fresh, beautiful tree. our home smells amazing. 

{step 1: add lights- robert has a special pattern, working the inside of the tree with lights first, then the outside}

{step 2: add garland- I'm pretty sad that martha isn't at kmart anymore. I got the best christmas decor there! }

{step 3: add ornaments & top with star. I'd prefer an angel, but haven't found one I like}


  1. How beautiful! It's disappointing that you couldn't bring it home in the VW; John and I actually brought our first tree home on the bus, something I hope never to repeat!

  2. Your tree looks so wonderfully festive! Gotta love that Christmas Tree Smell, too.



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