Monday, March 28, 2011

lomography prints

remember back in the day, before digital, when our cameras only took film? you would load your camera with film & then take pictures sparingly, not wanting to "waste" it on a shot that wasn't perfect. then, months later, you'd turn the film into walgreens & wait patiently for like a week until it came back from being processed. looking through the photos (you always got doubles, just in case!) was like christmas morning, seeing pictures you had totally forgotten you'd taken.

digital is so instant, it takes away that element of fun & surprise like you get with film. so I was excited when my sis bought me a lomography fisheye camera. I loaded it up with film & took a photo every now and again. well it's been over a year & I finally used up the film last week. I loved looking through all of the photos. I didn't even remember taking this camera to puerto rico!
{bike ride around town}
{one of our favorite couples, bob & reba, on the beach}
{bike ride to our favorite local ice cream shop, the dreamette. the chocolate-dipped cones are amazing!}
{I totally forgot I had taken the lomo to puerto rico!}
{puerto rican flowers}
{me & reba at the beach on our cruisers}


  1. Ahhh, they're so cool! I much prefer film photography to digital! xxxxx

  2. LOVE these, and the way you wrote about real film cameras! I remember learning to process my own film, and it was the most exciting thing to see your photos come to life!

  3. LOVE these!!! i need to learn how to make my own pictures, i feel like we get so caught up in digital that sometimes we forget how classic the film can be!



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