Tuesday, March 1, 2011

kara's vintage collection: glasses

a word from my sister:
at any estate sale, you can always find me browsing through the cabinets in the kitchen because I absolutely love unique glassware. this numbered set caught my eye immediately. the glasses were all in different cabinets, so I wasn’t sure if there would be a full set. after scrounging around, my mom & I found numbers 1-8, filthy, but in perfect condition. we cleaned them up & now they are a great display. a few years later, I found a very similar replica at anthropologie, which made me smile, knowing I own the original. 


  1. These are perfect! Next SUnday I will go to a flea market...uhmm can´t wait... and right now I have also that thing about collecting glassware.... kisses

  2. These are some lovely glasses indeed :)



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