Thursday, April 21, 2011

kara's vintage collection: gloves

thanks so very much to all of you sweet readers for following along with kara's vintage collectionsI had so much fun photographing her collections & she enjoyed writing about why she loves them so dearly. knowing my sister, in another year she'll have started collecting all kinds of new things and hopefully we can do this all over again. 

a word from my sister:
my favorite, ever-expanding collection is my delicate and dainty glove collection.  about four years ago I purchased my first pair at an antique store, admiring the tiny fit and detailed stitching. they also happened to fit me perfectly, as I have very petite hands.

my collection has grown so much since then that I now have a glove for every possible occasion: the opera, church, an evening drive, tea & cocktail parties. though some pairs look practically new, most of my gloves have been well worn. I’m fascinated when I find a lipstick stain or cigarette burn and wonder how many parties, love affairs and social events each pair has lived.

my newest addition, given to me by a friend, is a beautiful red leather pair with black piping, size six and a perfect fit. my glove collection now stands at sixty four!

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