Thursday, April 14, 2011

tour de farm

on sunday robert & I participated in slow food first coast's tour de farm. about two dozen farms from different counties in northeast florida opened their doors to the public. we got to tour the fields, talk to farmers, sample organic produce & learn about sustainable food production. obviously, the farms are all pretty much out in the middle of nowhere, so we were only able to make it to four different places. but we had such a wonderful afternoon.

{we bought some delicious herbs at maggie's herb farm. this huge rosemary bush smelled fantastic}
{fresh eggs at terk's scres goat farm. they also sold goat cheese, yogurt & milk}
{we got to pet this baby goat that was only a few weeks old}
 {and sampled homemade organic sorbet}
 {the farmers explained this amazing system of growing produce using hydroponics at fresh start hydroponics farm}
 {for $2 we got this giant bag & got to go around the farm cutting our own lettuce}


  1. This looks amazing, and I'm actually swooning over that baby goat-how sweet!

  2. SHARP PICTURES!!! congrats! you had surely a great time! and the goat is so sweetie!!!

  3. Wow what cool event! I would love to participate in something like this.



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