Sunday, August 7, 2011


toady my parents celebrate 35 years of marriage! I know that every marriage takes work, but mom & dad sure do make it look easy. they enjoy each other's company & find pleasure & laughter in the smallest things in life. they have set an amazing example of love, patience & loyalty for both my sister & me to follow. 

check out this sweet wedding photo. isn't my dad styling in his frilly blue suit? and I think my mom looks so beautiful & natural. she said at the time it was almost taboo for a bride to wear her hair down. 

I captured a little piece of their love story in this book as a gift for their anniversary. I had so much fun making it & sifting through all of their old photos. here's a little snippet. happy 35th anniversary mom & daddy! 


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures !I wish I will have a long and happy marriage like your parents!! Wish them a happy anniversary!!!

  2. These photos are just wonderful! Happy anniversary to your adorable parents!

  3. i was born on january 21, 1982 too! <3



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