Monday, January 9, 2012

365 project

have you guys heard of the 365 project (or ever done it?)? basically, you document a year of your life by capturing one photo a day. it sounds a little intimidating. but I think it would be pretty fantasic to look back as an old lady in my rocker & see what my life was like everyday of 2012 ('cause lord knows I won't remember- I can barely remember my age).

you can help keep me accountable & follow me here if you're interested. or better, sign up & do it yourself!

{photo by tiffany manning}


  1. What fun! I'm terrible at taking photos of the obvious moments, so this would absolutely kick my butt!

  2. My BFF Jill did it in 2010.

    It's an awesome idea can't wait to look at them! Love you!



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