Tuesday, January 3, 2012

before + after: vintage folding chairs.

over the summer my mom & friend jenny convinced me to buy these cute vintage folding chairs at an estate sale. I ended up getting all four of them for ten bucks! while they were really cute as-is, the fabric was worn & looked pretty dated.

I knew I wanted to paint & recover them, but just wasn't sure what type of fabric to use. my mom found this great michael miller bicycle fabric in a vinyl material, which was absolutely perfect. I took apart the chairs & just wrapped & glue-gunned the new fabric over the existing fabric. I also sprayed painted all the pieces gray (taking the chairs apart was easy; putting them back together... not so much. thanks to robert & daddy their help, which kept me from ripping my hair out).

the best part about these chairs is that they fold up, so we can store them in the garage & them pull them out whenever we need more seating. $37 for four chairs = not too shabby.

chair $10
fabric $15 (free shipping)
spray paint $12




  1. Homygosh, those are AWESOME. Good job!

  2. Hi, Katie! I'm an editor at Glamour magazine and am trying to get in touch with you for an upcoming story. Could you please e-mail me at devin_tomb@condenast.com for details?

    Many thanks,



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