Saturday, July 28, 2012

breaking bad: season five

robert & I got hooked on (or should I say, addicted to) breaking bad really late in the game (why hadn't anyone told me about this show before?!). we started watching them early this year on netflix &  got through all 46 episodes in an embarrassingly short amount of time.  we then spent the rest of the year anxiously waiting season five to make its debut on tv. so when the time finally rolled around, we figured we should celebrate in a big way. luckily, there are a few other nerds out there like ourselves who got dressed up for the occasion too. plus blue meth (rock candy), wads of (fake) cash and a delicious dinner catered by none other than los pollos hermanos, "yo."

{fat stacks + blue}
{breaking bad bingo inspired by this website}

{jesse + walk + tio salamanca}

{the bear from the plane crash + heisenberg}

 {the bear from the plane crash + heisenberg + pregnant skylar}
  {in our storyline, tio is holly's real baby daddy}


  1. This is funny, although slightly disturbing:-) We are still ploughing through season 4 and sometimes it's too scary for me! I'm such a wimp. Love the bingo- especially about the baby being ignored!

  2. This is AMAZING! John and I keep hearing we've got to start watching, but we don't want to get hooked on yet another brilliant show!

  3. amazing. I don't watch it but I surely can appreciate what you have going on here and AMC you know I love what they produce!



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