Sunday, June 9, 2013

antiques roadshow

my mom & I got tickets to the antiques roadshow when it came through town yesterday. she took an old book that she'd had since childhood & I took my great grandpa ace's pocket watch. it was a lot of waiting around in long lines, but we finally got to talk to the appraisers. the book was only worth about $30. we were told the pocket watch was french & made around 1850 & was very rare, due to it's thinness. it's 18k gold, but because my great grandpa used it every day (he rode the bus for all of his errands & was always checking the time), the face was quite worn & therefore not worth as much as it potentially could have been. he appraised it around $2,000.  guess I can't quit my day job. 

 {the moment of truth...}
{one of the twins! we also got to see mark walberg... that's walberg, not wahlberg, unfortunately}
 {inside of the pocket watch, which I had never seen before. anybody know french??}

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