Friday, July 19, 2013

nyc anniversary trip, day 4

alright, alright- I promise this is the last nyc post (unless I ever get around to making a video...). thanks for reading! 

new york city: day 4

I was dying to see the rain room exhibit at moma before we left town, so we headed down there and got in line to get tickets an hour before they opened. I happened to notice a staff member walking around as we were getting in line and when I asked her how long the wait would be, she said, "you don't even have tickets yet? probably an hour wait to get tickets and then four hours to get into the rain room." uh, never mind. so instead we went to the moma store & did a little shopping. this store is so inspiring, I wish I owned one of every single thing in it. 

ours stomachs were rumbling so walked on over to sprinkles for breakfast (if you call cupcakes "breakfast"). maybe someday I'll make it to every sprinkles location. so far I've got dallas, beverly hills, san diego & now new york under my belt. 

after breakfast we did some more walking & shopping & eventually ended up meeting my good friend kristin at keste pizza on bleeker street. that is definitely some of the best pizza I've ever had. we got a regina margherita & a proscuitto di parma & both were amazing. 

{I'm still trying to figure out the target audience for this china pattern}

kristin took us through washington square park (where we got splashed by the fountain spray), to some fun vintage shops & then over to the best italian bakery, verniero's, for some mini cannolis (and cookies to take back to my family - I always bring some tupperware in my suitcase!). and before we headed to the airport, I had to grab a couple packs of baked by melissa mini cupcakes. best bite you'll ever have, I tell ya. I planned to save them but once we got to the airport, our 8pm flight was delayed by 5 hours, so the minis disappeared rather quickly. 

it was such a fun getaway, with my favorite person on the planet. happy 7 years, robert!

(more nyc trip pics here: day 1, day 2, day 3

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