Monday, June 14, 2010

china hutch

I've been looking for quite awhile for some sort of china hutch to display all of our ben seibel & eva zeisel pieces. I wanted something simple & mid century-looking, with glass on top & a cabinet on the bottom. so one weekend robert & I hit up literally every thrift store within a 25 mile radius. the last stop on the map was the house of transitions (created so that ex-prisoners on parole could “transition” into their first job). the place was covered in junk. and I don’t mean “another-man’s-treasure” kind of junk. like, crap. after walking through, I was made a bee-line for the door when robert spotted this piece of furniture. I honestly didn’t even notice it because it was covered in stuffed animals & fake flowers. but once we moved all that out of the way, it was beautiful. and we talked the guy down to only $75! it appears to be late 60s/early 70s, but it looks absolutely perfect in our home.

so moral of the story: don’t judge a thrift store by it’s crap. there’s always a diamond in the rough somewhere.

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