Thursday, June 3, 2010

customized monopoly game

we wanted to do something really special for our favorite family, the xides, for their anniversary. gust is a pilot for delta, so the family has done a ton of traveling together. I came up with this idea to make a customized monopoly board, with all the spaces & properties being places they have lived or traveled to together over the course of their marriage.

 my extremely talent husband worked for days re-drawing the board & creating all new pieces. the chance & community chest cards are all based on events or funny things that have happened over the years (I enlisted the help of a few of their friends for some memories). I changed the railroad spaces to bridges that they have been on & changed the tax squares to their real-life expenses, like "greek lessons" & "library fine". I have to say, the result was quite fantastic. I hope this is a gift that they can play together as a family & laugh at for many years to come.
{the box. robert covered the sides with "xidesopoly" as well}

{the whole new board}

{the xides own two volvos, hence the "free volvo parking"}

{since they have visited alcatraz, john (7), has decided he wants to be a prison guard there}

{so maybe they have a chunk of mt. etna in the backyard. maybe.}

{having a daughter in girl scouts, they tend to really "support" the organization during cookie time}

{robert made all of the property cards in the original size- not the lame new small size that they sell now.}

* monopoly® is a trademark of Hasbro, Inc &we have not profited in any way from this game.


  1. this is beyond amazing! what a fantastic and thoughtful gift!

  2. I love this! What a fantastic idea!

  3. This is so fun- it turned out absolutely amazing!

  4. I love this idea and wish I was talented enough to do something like this. (Your mom teaches my youngest.)



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