Monday, August 9, 2010

jeff lewis is back!

anybody else out there getting excited about the new season of "flipping out" starting tomorrow? I've missed jeff lewis' sarcasm, neuroticism, anal retentiveness, paranoia & obsessive-compulsive behavior. and jenni & zoila, of course. maybe this season he'll actually let them go #2 in his bathroom... 

regardless, the guy's got amazing taste. I love the way he's renovated these places:

{valley oak patio}

{commonwealth kitchen}

{valley oak bathroom}

{los bonitos}

I'll leave you with jeff's beverage order: “70 percent lemonade, 20 percent punch, 10 percent sprite. If they don’t have punch, do like 85 percent lemonade, 15 percent sprite. If they don’t have lemonade, do like 85 percent punch and 15 percent sprite. or 7-up.”

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