Sunday, September 12, 2010

inspired by: "cool as ice"

grace at designsponge always does these really great "living in" movie montages (see them all here). they are always based around such sweet & classic movies, like "sixteen candles" & "a league of their own". so when vanilla ice's 1991 movie, "cool as ice", came on tv tonight, I thought it would be the perfect "living in" movie to parody.

I can't quite pinpoint what makes this the worst movie ever. is it the film's catchy tag line: "when a girl has a heart of stone, there's only one way to melt it. just add ice."? or perhaps the oscar-worthy acting (my favorite line: "drop that zero and get wit' a hero."). maybe it's the styling, like ice's puffy jacket with "sex me up" on one sleeve & "down by law" on the other? or the fact the the poor director couldn't book single job for 8 years after this film came out? whatever the case, it will definitely make you laugh... a lot.

the inspiration:

the collection:


  1. ha! this is hilarious and far better than any design sponge montage I've seen - well done! x

  2. This made me chuckle. I've never seen the movie but it looks like a winner.



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