Thursday, September 9, 2010

our trip to maine

last month robert & I escaped to new england for a long weekend. our friends moved up to portland, maine a few months ago, so we'd been planning to get up to visit them before it got too cold (which for me is like 60°f. gimme a break- I'm from florida).

{fresh seasfood}

{cape elizabeth, maine}

{hand-picked strawberries for our drive to the cape}

{cape elizabeth, maine - so relaxing}

{does this look like a puzzle or what?!}

{wild flowers grow everywhere}

{so does the fruit}

{the most amazing hosts, dani & mark}

{we took the ferry to peak's island & explored the whole thing by foot}

{the quaint peak's island inn}

{how cute is the island post office?}

{watch out, jonah!}

we also spent some time in portsmouth, new hampshire, which was just as beautiful. thanks to our incredible friends & tour guides, mark & dani, who took us all over the place & kept us well fed (seriously, we ate & drank at so many good restaurants. I may have to do a separate post just on food!).


  1. Wow, simply gorgeous! I've never been, but Maine looks exactly as I'd expect it to be -- beautiful and fun.

  2. awww, I'm originally from New England so these photos made me smile...nothing beats Maine lobster (or lobsta as we say in Boston). x

  3. oysters, striped shirts and sailboats... some of my favorite things!

    looks like a great trip!



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