Monday, February 28, 2011

weekend estate sale

my mom, a friend & I hit up a great estate sale this weekend right near my house. here are a few of my finds. we also bought a few things for my sister, which I can't share 'cause we want to surprise her the next time she's in town.

{I got 5 of these old chalkboard tablets for $5}

{70s napkins, 6 for $2 - they will be perfect to use out on the deck this summer}

{I found another globe to add to my collection!}


  1. Wow, you got some great finds! That is all so cool! Wish I could have gone! xxxxxxxx

  2. Great finds! I will be enxt Sunday with some friends to the monthly flea market... always a surprise.
    Adorable those chalkboards and the globe is so cute!!!You have a collection? we have not seen it yet, haven´t we?kisses

  3. I LOVE the chalkboards!! So cute!

  4. wow! i am so jealous over all of these finds!

  5. Oh my goodness I love it all! I am especially enamored with that globe.

    I have always wanted to go estate sale-ing... you've inspired me!



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