Monday, May 2, 2011

april cake: goat cheese cake with strawberry grand marnier reduction

I made april's cake for easter - a goat cheese cake with a strawberry grand marnier reduction (sounds fancy, but you really just boil the sauce until it thickens). I'm not a huge cheesecake person (give me fluffy cake or chocolate any day!), but I wanted to make something different that would go well after a big easter lunch.

this recipe is by tyler florence and can be found here. it was really good - the crust was my favorite part. I thought the goat cheese + cream cheese in the cake gave it a nice texture. and the strawberry sauce was a bit tart which helped tone down the sweetness of the cheesecake. 


  1. uhmmm this looks delicious!!! may I have a slice???:-))) kisses

  2. That sounds incredible! Goat cheese and strawberry grand mariner?! Yes, please!



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