Sunday, May 22, 2011

five year anniversary

on friday, robert & I celebrated our five year anniversary. each year we give each other the traditional wedding gift (see year four here). year five is wood, so I surprised robert with a little indoor tent (thanks to my daddy for building it & to this great post for the instructions). my parents set it up while we were out having dinner at 13 gypsies (and it was an amazing meal!). robert was totally surprised; we camped out in the tent & reminisced over our wedding album, ate cake & drank prosecco. it was a wonderful evening with a wonderful husband. thanks for five incredible years, rh.

 {robert's anniversary gift- a wooden radio}


  1. Best anniversary gift ever! I would die for a bite of that cake right now.

  2. HOW AMAZING! You guys make my heart melt!

  3. Aw, what a magical idea! Love the prosecco label!

  4. You know I just saw this and loved it! so creative!

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