Thursday, September 15, 2011


eeek! I got a little credit-card-happy with my missoni purchases at target yesterday. the super target that's closest to us is near some upscale neighborhoods, so they were totally sold out. but robert had the idea to drive to another target in a, how should I say this, "less-cultured", area of town. "they won't know about missoni!" I know, shame on us for stereotyping, but he was totally right! there was tons of stuff left. I was a bit overwhelmed by the selection all over the store & didn't have time to think, so I just threw everything into the cart. have no fear, I will return most of it (or maybe I should ebay it; the $40 throws are going for $200 +). but I wanted to have time to take my picks on what I wanted to keep (definitely the headband, some tights, those bowls, a candle, the tray, the mug... yikes this is difficult). if there are any super-bummed missoni fans who didn't get their pick (because of greedy people like me who filled up their carts), let me know if you're interested in anything below. fun night!

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