Monday, September 26, 2011

robert's 40th birthday southern picnic party

robert's a pretty special guy, so I thought he deserved a pretty special party for his 40th birthday. and I think we definitely accomplished that in a laid-back, southern-sort-of-way. thanks to my incredible parents, with their endless gifts & talents for helping me pull this off (oh, & for owning an awesome party-house). and my sweet sister who used her vacation time to drive six hours just to get here. and to all our friends & family who came (several from other cities & states!) to help shower my "old man" with lots of love & support on the big day. we both feel so blessed to have so many funny, creative, kind & thoughtful people in our lives.

I didn't take pictures of many things that I wish I had- like all the amazing people who came to celebrate with us. but I managed to get a few right as the party started. hope you enjoy.

  {so I made the birthday boy design his own invites. is that so bad?} 

 {I filled lots of little mason jars with wildflowers for decoration} 
{this was a perfect project to practice my sewing skills - 45 cloth napkins} 
{I had a poster printed with all of robert's childhood photos}

{this was my mom's cute spin on the tired (& much-hated by myself) veggie tray. robert made the pimento cheese} 
 {what would a southern party be without two giant pots of boiled p-nuts?} 
{we had mint, sweet tea & lemonade for people to make arnold palmers. refreshing!} 
 {watermelon on sticks}  
 {my mom made the cheese grits & robert cooked the shrimp. I think everyone went back for seconds}  
 {pulled pork sammies, sweet potato chips, cornbread & deviled eggs}  
 {in lieu of birthday cake, I made a bunch of pies (one not pictured). we had parchment, wood fork & baggies to take a slice-to-go} 
  {"ya'll come back" moonpies as favors. yes, I have eaten all the extras by myself}  

  {only one of my corn hole bags busted. can someone teach me how to double-stitch?} 
  {I took this brilliant idea from this woman via pinterest. so easy to set up & tons of fun} 
{my dad set up some bait + poles for people to fish}  

here are a few pics from the surprise "photobooth" that my dad & I set up. we actually didn't get many people it in, but the kids loved it. will post the rest of the pictures later.
{happy birthday, lovah} 


  1. The party looks amazing! You did such a wonderful job! Happy birthday Robert!

  2. Every details is more darling than the last! What an absolutely PERFECT party!

  3. i love all the details and personal touches, this looks like an amazing party!

  4. Not sure why but your shots brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely day. So wholesome and looks like so much fun. Robert is a very lucky man!!!

    Carolyn xx

  5. This is the cutest party ever! You did an amazing job! Thanks for calling me brilliant..not sure about that, but sure appreciate the compliment! So glad to have found your blog! Awesome party!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  6. Hi Katie!
    I love this party and am featuring it this week on my blog: as an event to envy!

    Good work!

  7. Totally amazing! I am in love with this theme, decor, food...everything! I will be using the twister game for sure at my next party. Thanks for sharing, you did a fantastic job!

  8. thank you guys for all your very sweet comments!

  9. Wow! you took a down home theme and made it so special. I loved it. Especially the food presentation. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. WOW is all I can say. This is a party you only see in the movies. Awesome, awesome job! First time reader this morning, by the way. :)

  11. How Gorgeous! It all looked picture perfect and truly amazing x

  12. Can you tell me how you made the banners for the twister and cornhole game?
    Thanks.... I love them! We are having games at my sons wedding in August and these would be perfect!

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. So cute! Happy Birthday to Robert. I'm fascinated with this party, congratulations!

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  19. I like this venue and all party decorations are done brilliantly. I like your venue and even food sections. You really had a great time in this party!!

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  20. any chance we can get the recipe links?!?! i'd like to re-create this for my GA boy's 50th bday this mo... xoxo thank you!

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  22. Loving the pulled pork and the grits - you certainly made the day special - what a lovely well planned event!

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  27. Truly loved Robert's 40th birthday southern picnic party. All detail about this party are truly awesome. Loved everything from invitations to decorations and those melons with sticks. Will like to use these ideas in my daughter’s birthday at one of iconic party venues in San Francisco. Hope she likes it!

  28. What paint did you use for the twister? The link is expired...
    I don't want everybody's hands to be colored :-)

  29. Hi Katie, your party looks incredible! I'm writing an article on family games for the MailOnline in partnership with MilkyBar and I'd love to include your Twister pic... would that be ok with you? I can of course credit! Would be extremely grateful. Fingers crossed! Jo x

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