Wednesday, September 28, 2011


here are some more photobooth pics from robert's party. we truly intended this to be for the guests. honestly. but somehow, the kids & robert & I managed to monopolize it just a tad.

{robert's sweet little niece}  
  {the adorable brent + jennifer} 
{this is pretty much the most awesome family ever. ever. I want to be like them when I grow up}  
{the "put on your best disguise" pose}  
 {so cute troy + jenny} 
{this is the part where we forgot there were other guests at the party we should be attending to}  
 {and in case you didn't already think we were vain-enough, we set up the booth again the next day & took more pics of ourselves.} 
 {show me your best "toddler & tiara" I-didn't-win-the-ultimate-grand-supreme-title-but-still-want-a-pony face}  

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  1. The day after photos might actually be my favorite-they're all so sweet and fun!



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