Monday, February 13, 2012

nerd alert: harry potter world

warning: robert & I are harry potter nerds. we're the annoying type who watch the movies on the first day they're out & subsequently buy them on dvd. or visit platform nine & three quarters in king's cross station on a trip to london. or admit to wanting to be like sirius black (robert). so it was imperative that we take a trip to the wizarding world of harry potter at universal studios. 

this place is pretty magical and the details are just incredible: chocolate frogs in honeyduke's candy shoppe,  moaning myrtle in the bathroom, carts serving butterbeer (insanely sweet but pretty delicious), muggle t-shirts, squealing mandrakes. even employees who tell you that "the ministry requests your signature" when making a credit card purchase. and the best part- the place was filled with even nerdier harry potter fans! people of all ages dining at three broomsticks wearing house robes or scarves or carrying wands around the park, attempting to cast spells. we kind of loved it. 

 {the train to hogwarts}
{"please respect the spell limits"}
 {"anything from the trolley?"}
 {vomit-flavored jelly beans, anyone?}
 {the owl post}
 {the employees ask you if your wand has chosen you yet}
 {animated wanted poster}
{we got some delicious pear cider & fish & chips at three broomsticks restaurant}
 {all these potter nerds made me feel quite at home}



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