Tuesday, February 14, 2012

snippets from valentine's day

happy valentine's day! I like to think I celebrate love all year round. so v-day isn't too big of a fuss. here are snippets from the day. hope you guys had a lovely, low-key day.

{sweet tulips from my sweet husband}
{super target had pillsbury cinnamon rolls... with chocolate icing! yes, they were awesome.}
{my annual heart tights - goin' on three years with these babies}
{I made some white chocolate covered pretzels}
{treats for my work friends}
{I printed out a bunch of our instagram photos as a gift for robert. idea courtesy of elsie}
{and right now I have a handsome man in my kitchen, whipping up a three course meal. best gift ever -both the man, & the meal!}


  1. It doesn't get much better than a man in the kitchen cooking-except maybe when he does the dishes! I love that you printed the pictures;we don't do that enough these days.

  2. How sweet! I'm sure dinner was delicious!



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