Friday, February 24, 2012

"suck it moneys. I'm going corporate"

my first job out of college was working at an advertising agency. while it's certainly not as glamorous as the movies make it, it was definitely a fun environment, especially working in the creative department. lots of quirky people (which I happen to love) who weren't afraid to be themselves. 

a little over a year ago I left advertising & took a job in the corporate world. and boy, what a shocker that was. where's the margarita machine & the liquor cabinet? why are the IT people blocking me from gmail, facebook & pandora? how come everyone is wearing gianormous slacks that don't fit? you mean we can't wear shorts?? even in the summer? do you guys not have a beer cooler-scooter to ride around the office on? or a pool table? or a ping pong table? or friday half-days? sheesh. it was rough, I tell you. 

but once I got over all of that, I actually started to enjoy working the 'ol nine to fiver. this job has given me so much more free time to do what I please after-hours. and plus, I'm getting paid in actual money instead of alcohol (kidding. kind of). but the one thing I will never get over are these stupid sayings that people in the corporate world use. here are some of my favorites: 

"I'll loop you in." 

"sorry I forgot to circle back with you."

"I can't stay for the whole meeting; I have a hard stop at 3:30". 

"I'll give you 5 minutes back," if a meeting wraps up early. gee, thanks for being so generous.

"It's in the same field, but a different flavor."  please don't mix my favorite food term with work. it's just depressing.

"be sure to let these issues bubble up."

"this project really goes in a different bucket." these figurative buckets really get on my nerves. 

"we need to sunset this project." this is the dumbest. I think it just means "end".

but in the end, this pretty much sums it up for me:

what are some of your least-favorite corpo sayings? am I crazy in thinking these sound ridiculous? 


  1. You're cracking me up with these! My office manager and I hate–"EOM" for "end of message" (why thank you, that's quite obvious since there's no more message), and "IMO" or worse, "IMHO", since you obviously don't mean it.

  2. that's hilarious, lena! I should have mentioned all the crazy acronyms!

  3. Now that is funny stuff. I am in healthcare, so while I have heard similar things from friends who are in the corporate world, these are good. No, no, you aren't crazy at all. Very funny.



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