Monday, March 19, 2012

peaches to the beaches

georgia's largest yard sale, "peaches to the beaches", happens once a year along a 200 mile stretch on highway 341. locals from lots of tiny towns in georgia pull out tables, tents & truck beds full of everything from antiques to just plain junk. my sister was in town so my mom organized a little family trip, just the four of us, just like old times (although we missed you, robert!).

there were so many sweet people running the booths who were so stereotypical "country folk" that if you're not from the south, you almost wouldn't have believed it. the accents sounded like something out of sweet home alabama, with people wearing overalls & saying things like, "well yessum, he lives just a stones throw away" (exact quote, by the way). people were selling live roosters (little jerry!) & giant ziplock bags of pork rinds. it was quite an experice. we actually didn't buy more than a few things, but it was such a fun day together, with tons of laughter. I love my family.

{no GPS here}
{umm... I think this was a joke}

{thanks for being our chauffeur, daddy}


  1. you captured it so well!! wait-- where's our funnel cake ? xo

  2. That polka dot apron is just so sweet! What a wonderful shopping day:)



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