Friday, March 23, 2012

"welcome to the 90s, mr. banks"

big news. I entered the millennium & finally got a smartphone! I'll be honest. I loved my old phone (that I'd had for over five years!). even though I got made fun of for still using it. like the time when robert & I were in beverly hills of all places & my phone battery stopped charging. I walked into a radioshack off rodeo drive to get a new one & the guy working at the store got quite a kick out of the fact that I was still using it. he chuckled with amusement- "we haven't seen anything like this in years! of course we don't carry this battery!" but, I have also been known to impress people in waiting rooms by my amazing ability to text extremely fast with one thumb without even looking at the numbers. what can I say, it's a gift. 

needless to say, I was a little bummed when my in-laws (kindly) kicked us off of our shared family plan. I guess it was time for us to grow up. so robert went out an got me an iphone. I was hesitant at first, but after about five seconds, I adapted. and then fell in love. 

{before + after. funny how much bigger the new phones are. I guess "zoolander" got it wrong}

i realized I can now get one of these cute iphone covers that everyone has. now I just have to deicde which one. there are so many adorable ones out there. which one should I go with? these are my faves so far:


  1. congrats!! I finally decided to get one and now it´s a part of me....!!! have fun sweetie!

  2. Yay! I love it! And I LOVE the kate spade cover.

  3. Love this and thanks for posting this. I have wanted a new case and I got this one...the type is great but I just love the saying :)
    I have wanted a cool case for awhile so thanks for the recos!



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