Thursday, April 5, 2012

make a felt flower pin

my friend jenny had me over recently for a little craft day. we had all kinds of projects we planned to tackle, but got a bit distracted & then ran out of time (due to a much-needed trip for some red velvet frozen yogurt). however, we did manage to make these fun felt flowers. jenny first spotted the tutorial from jones design company. they only require few supplies & are easy to make.

here’s what you’ll need:
cardstock to make the flower template
a quarter (to trace for the base piece)
a sheet of felt
a pencil
glue gun

draw a flower-shape onto cardstock to make a template. we just drew ours by hand; it doesn’t have to be perfect. cut out the template & trace onto a sheet of felt. i made six or seven felt flowers for each pin.
for your “base”, trace a quarter onto the felt & cut out.

once you have all your pieces cut & laid out, fold a flower over in half & then in half again.

add a bit of hot glue to the end & press onto the circle base. hold until dry.

keep adding the petals around the circle.

once you have added four petals, add glue to the center & add two or three more to make the flower look full.

when you’re finished adding the petals, flip the flower over & add a bit of hot glue to the back & add the pin.

easy as that! you have yourself an adorable little flower pin.

these pins look really cute on cardigans; try grouping multiple flowers together. you could also add these felt flowers onto packages, hot glue onto headbands, or even clip onto ballet flats. they make great gifts & would be perfect for easter!



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