Tuesday, April 17, 2012

messy ballerina bun tutorial

my sister kara was in town last awhile back & taught me how to do this cute messy ballerina bun. I know there are plenty of hair tutorials out there, but I thought the photos turned out so pretty that I wanted to share. 

this look works best with “day-old” hair. no product is necessary, but hairspray helps “dirty” up the hair, so it's best to use a little.

step 1: gather all of your hair up into a high ponytail.

step 2: with a rubber band in one hand, make one loop through your hair, as if you’re making a pony tail.

step 3: twist the rubber band and make a second loop (don’t pull through) to make the bun.

step 4: use your finger and place it in the center of your bun and fan out your hair around it, so the bun is full.   

step 5: using your hand, smooth out your bun by wrapping the pieces around it.

step 6: make a final loop over the bun with your pony tail holder.

step 7: use bobby pins to tuck in any missed pieces if necessary.

remember, it should look messy, so don’t fret too much

ta da! and simple as that, even if your ballet teacher wouldn't approve.


  1. HA–my ballet teacher used to hate my messy buns!

  2. Great blog! How come my messy ballerina bun never EVER looks like this? I'll have to try it again tonight :)




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