Tuesday, January 1, 2013


well, I'm not gonna lie. 2012 was a sucky year. nevertheless, I wanted to continue my tradition of wrapping up the year with some of the positive highlights. 

-I celebrated my 30th birthday. I am officially old

-we took a family day trip to check out peaches to the beaches
-there were lots of bike rides (thanks to my new bicycle basket
-some really great bands came to play in our city (beach house, wilco, jim gaffigan &mark kozelek)
-we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary
-a mini vacation to the florida keys
-blueberry picking is now officially an annual tradition
-my mom & I had a fun road trip to see my sister
-fall happened in nyc & I got to see it
-hola costa rica
-fun times with friends exploring renningers antiques & finding treasures
-we shook things up & went to atlanta for thanksgiving
-I (almost) successfully completed a year of cookies (not sure what happened to june)

I sincerely thank each of you for taking the time to stop by here & read & comment. wishing you all a happy & healthy 2013! 

I couldn't sum it up better:


  1. Sorry to hear you had a bad year. 2012 haven't been in my top three either - so here's to a better 2013 for both of us!
    Maybe your June cookies are hanging out with my February cake?

  2. Yeah, 2012 won't go down as my favorite year either–but here's to a 2013 full of happiness and bubbles!

  3. It's a bummer to hear that 2012 had some low points, though it seems from your list to have been a fulfilling year. I love the idea of annual blueberry picking! I had a wonderfully chaotic and hectic 2012, and am looking forward to getting back into blogging in the new, more calm year.

  4. Glad you managed to make the best of 2012 :) Also, I just got back from Costa Rica and loved it! Just took a peek at your lovely photos from your trip!

    Happy 2013 lady, wishing you good things for the new year!



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