Thursday, February 24, 2011

kara's vintage collection: hand mirrors

a word from my sister:
my hand mirror collection was inspired from a photo that I saw in a home décor magazine. a decorator had hung all different styles of vintage hand mirrors on a wall. it looked so neat –like a giant piece of art.  I’m so drawn to the femininity of these hand mirrors.

my newest one has a flower etched on the back with the inscription “ina lee young, february 18, 1951”. It’s really worn & I can tell it was well-loved. 


  1. This might be my favorite collection so far. So beautiful and classic.

  2. What a fantastic item to collect. I'd love to know the story of Ina Lee Young, I bet she was a fabulous lady.

  3. You have fine pieces of mirror which I think very rare to find these days. I love how they design it before; it's very elegant-looking despite the years. It’s like they aged beautifully, and I'm sure there are stories behind it. Where did you find these treasures, by the way?

    |Bonita Bramer|



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