Friday, February 4, 2011

kara's vintage collection: lighters

a word from my sister:
the vintage horseshoe lighter is the first one in my collection. I spotted it at an estate sale near my parent’s house.  I was drawn to the horseshoe symbol initially, then realized that it was actually a lighter. 

my favorite and newest addition is the silver & black one that I received as a gift for christmas.  it belonged to my friend’s grandfather that he was very close to & also named after.  his grandfather held onto it for over 60 years & then it was gifted it to me!  it hadn’t been lit since 1952!


  1. Lovely the golden one! it´s a classical! Your blog has been one of the nicest findings lately!

  2. What an amazing collection-I'm totally floored! I can't believe that horseshoe trunk is actually a lighter!



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