Tuesday, February 15, 2011

card catalog of love

although we aren't huge valentine people (we like to say we celebrate love every day of the year!), I wanted to do something sweet for my adorable husband for valentine's day. I saw this amazing diy project here & copied it, making dewey decimal catalog cards to document memories that we've celebrated each year.

I just used the card catalog number as the date, the book title as the name of our memory and the publisher as the location of the event. I printed them all out on cream card stock & put them into this box that I picked up an antique booth. I plan on adding new cards to the box every year, so many moons from now, we'll be able to look back and reminisce on our "chapters of love".


  1. This is a really romantic present! love it!

  2. This is such a very sweet gift, and a gorgeous way to remember each big event! The geek in me loves it!

  3. what a beautiful idea!!!! hope you non-celebrated it great!



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